Hold Your Heart


Private 1 to 1

  • €45, 1 hour session

  • €60, 1.5 hour session

Semi private (up to 2 people)

  • €30 per person, 1 hour session

  • €40 per person, 1.5 hour session

Establish or continue your practice with guidance in a 1 to 1 or semi private setting, available in your own home. Suitable for beginners and beyond! Areas served include Wicklow and South Dublin.

Having a 1 to 1 or semi private class ensures that you are able to receive the guidance and attention necessary in order to practice safely and with the most benefit for your body, mind and spirit. Classes are catered toward you specifically!

*depending on your location, there may be an additional transport fee which can be discussed in advance.


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These classes focus on holding postures, called asana (meaning seat in sanskrit) and incorporate aspects of mindfulness. There are many benefits to practicing yoga, such as:

  • improved posture, flexibility and strength

  • stress reduction

  • improved circulation

  • build awareness and foundation

I specialize in the following styles of yoga: vinyasa, hatha and yin.

Vinyasa - often referred to as “flow yoga”, vinyasa links postures together with the breath and is a fast paced style. You can expect to sweat during a vinyasa practice!

Hatha - meaning moon (ha) and sun (tha), aims to balance the body and mind. This style can involve holding postures for several breaths at a time, pranayama (breath control) and meditation. Hatha is slower than vinyasa, and focuses more on stretching than sweating!

Yin - holding postures for extended periods (up to 5 minutes), this is a slow, yet challenging style. You can expect a deep stretch during a yin practice.

Not sure what style might suit you? No problem! I will happily give further detail on what each style entails - just ask!

Please fill out the form above to book and ask any questions you may have, or contact David on 087 770 8852.