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A Little Bit About Me

Hello, my name is David Boland and I’m from Wicklow, Ireland. I became familiar with yoga and mindfulness in 2016 and practiced throughout my college years. After graduating I headed abroad to Vancouver, BC and I was excited to be a self sufficient grown up on the other side of the world.

I had anticipated that moving away from Ireland and making money would result in a sense of joy and peace of mind, but it never seemed to come. During this time I deepened my practice and began to seriously reflect on what I was doing and if it really served my own well-being. I then moved to a small residential community at a yoga centre on Salt Spring Island, BC, where I volunteered and developed a regular practice of meditation and self-enquiry, leaving the noise of the city behind.

I came to realise that I was often putting my energy into things that didn’t actually matter at the time. I would be angry that the past was over, fearful about the future and frustrated about what I did or didn’t have going on at in any moment. After meditating on this life long habit I saw that it served no great purpose, only to strip the present of it’s joy. I’ve found peace in knowing this, and while the work is challenging and ongoing, persistence is the key!

Now I’m back in Wicklow and have set out to share my experience, and to encourage others to realize that the joy and love we’re looking for is right here, always. It’s living inside of us, only a lot of the time our focus is directed elsewhere; jobs, money, security, sex, personal image, past/future etc.

After my time living in community, I pursued a 200 hour hatha/vinyasa yoga teacher training to deepen my own practice and improve my potential to help others. Since then I’ve been sharing yoga/meditation through classes, workshops and retreats.

I also involve music as an integral part of my practice whenever I can. You can listen and learn more on that over at www.davidbolandmusic.com